Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Coliseum

After yesterday's adventures in the Vale followed by a quick trip to Jita with a now emptied out cargo hold I headed up toward the Cloud Ring region to the aim to go and visit "Assilot". Assilot is a tournament ground like the gladiator pits of ancient Rome except in EVE and fights are broadcast on federation TV from PPG-XC. After reading up on Mark726 post on the land mark I was keen to go take a look!

On my way up to the site I found that local was absolutely choc full of pilots, there was a big gate camp in the low sec to high sec system gates which I was able to nimbly sneak past with my trusty cloak. I found bubbles everywhere and numerous pocos all under reinforced. The area as fraught with danger and large groups of pilots were flowing in and out of local.

A quick search on eve news 24 shows that the region has been highly unstable since Imperium alliance announced is withdrawal from the area back in July of this year. The majority of the pilots I saw in the area were from "Pandemic Legion", "I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth", "SpaceMonkey's Alliance" and "WAFFLES".

As there was too much activity going on in the region, it was not safe to work the local signatures so I carefully threaded my way through each system from safe to safe avoiding bubble after bubble until I reached my destination PPG-XC and I received the below message:
The famous duelling tournament, ‘The Legends Trial’, has moved to PPG-XC, to escape various expenses associated with having its tournament inside Federation space. Also by staging the tournament here, it can choose from a larger variety of competitors, such as criminals and members of outlaw organizations which would be immediately arrested in Federation space.
The Legends Trial is a popular show on Federation TV, it is broadcasted to billions of screens across many regions. Huge money is at stake, and gambling on the events is extremely popular. It is therefore not surprising that various criminal networks are working hard to ‘influence’ the outcome of the show and rig fights. The organizers of the Legends Trials have hired a sizable mercenary fleet to protect its assets, but even so it has become extremely vulnerable to pirate meddling, especially due to its new location outside of the protective embrace of Federation space. Certainly a freelance merc pilots dream come true.
 The tournament ground was awesome, there was large stalagmites set in formation of a circle and connected to two arena stations where the I can only assume is where spectators stand to view the battles:

While I was floating about the landmark site I got a shout out from a Pandemic Legion pilot "Sayori Mishi" I was actually away from my key board when she flew through system so I didn't get the chance to reply her but she sent me a wave due to my affiliation with the Signal Cartel. 

Another cool site down, my cargo is empty but so I'm off to the next landmark before heading home to Thera. Not sure where I'll be heading next but for now my course has been plotted toward Deklien I've never been to the edge of the galaxy before so I'm going to see what it looks like over at UJY-HE.

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