Saturday, 3 October 2015

Get Off My Lawn Seargent Hakiro!

After finding my way to Thera and dropping off a few modules in my new home station, I had a look at what worm holes were currently open in Thera and found one that was connected to the Vale of the Silent. There is one landmark site located in this region, in the G5ED-Y system called "Seargent Hakiro's Lookout". This would be the first landmark I went out to visit, it was located out in null sec. I'm running fairly low on ISK at the moment I only really had just enough to put my current ship together with a little left over to replace it 2 or 3 time should I get popped so the prospect of scanning down null sec systems for the better exploration loot was appealing.

I headed out and found the region populated by the "Get Off My Lawn Alliance" my route on the way to the landmark was fairly quiet. I scanned down each system on the way finding a number of relic and data sites here and there. I was able to amass about 60M ISK worth of old circuit boards and other valuables from the Gurista sites I uncovered and I was only about 3 systems away from G5ED-Y. I was in B-E3KQ, there was 1 other pilot in local so I set up my safes here and there and I scanned down the sites and waited for the other player to leave. He didn't leave, so I stayed AFK in the system for about an hour when I came back that other player was still in system. His name was Q Sertorius from "The Graduates" a corp that is part of the local alliance in the area. With the naivety of a new exploration pilot I assumed after waiting around doing nothing for an hour that Q Sartorius must be AFK, so I jumped to the only data site that I had scanned down in the system and started hacking the first container...

Next thing I new, I was locked and scrammed. He had been cloaked and waiting in the site for over and hour for me to arrive! Well I lost my cheetah and about 60M worth of hard exploration work in about 5 seconds. I was lucky enough to get out with my pod, we exchanged a few friendly parting words (he did deserver the kill after patiently waiting for over an hour) bid each other the common and ironic farewell "Fly Safe" and off I went. I was considering heading back to high sec from here to re-ship but I was only a few jumps away from my land mark site. I was gutted to lose my ship and all that loot but I wasn't going to let it stop me from getting to that land mark, Seargent Hakiro is expecting me!

I flew my rickety little pod over to G5ED-Y and found the land mark, this is the message I got as I got close to the system:
The Caldari State have found something significant in G5ED-Y. The State military has set up a huge base of operations in that system, and its presence there is thick as sour milk. The Guristas on the other hand are extremely curious as to what their arch nemesis has discovered, and have set up many bases in the surrounding systems to oversee reconnaissance missions into G5ED-Y. A division from the Serpentis has also been sent to the constellation on behalf of the Smuggler Cartel, led by the infamous Black Jack.
I wasn't quiet sure what they actually found there, all I was able to see were a couple of broken  asteroids that had been mined out and some broken structures of what Mark726 describes as antennae. The site was impressive non the less and there was a fairly decent sized number of Caldari navy ships floating about with Seargent Hakiro watch over the site in the middle.

Alright, it was time to find a ship. I was glad to have reached the landmark but now it was time to get back in a ship. I had enough ISK to put together my Cheetah again but not so much ISK as to but the over priced parts for it from the local systems. I wasn't too far from Jita, I always hate going to Jita the Cartel had a war dec and it's never a good idea to visit trade hubs during war time but I didn't have much of a choice. Thankfully I was able to fly all the way back to Jita in my pod safely to re-ship I undocked and used the cartels insta undock bookmark to get away from the trade up and quickly as possible.

With no loot in my cargo, I didn't need to go back to Thera I decided my next stop will be to the Cloud Ring Region.

Until next post, fly safe!


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