Saturday, 3 October 2015

My story so far

When I first started playing EVE back in 2010 I thought the idea of being a space pirate would be fun so that's what I did. I geared my self up with a Rifter fitted it with some T1 auto cannons and pack in a copy of "Piracy 101" by Skira Raynos and headed out to low sec. Mostly I just kept getting blown up, I remember almost getting killed by a hulk once he set his drones on me chased me away. After having a few more experiences like that I decided it might be time to go join a university to see if I could actually learn how to do this PVP thing.

I joined a university called OUCH, the open university of celestial hardship I took all my classes and learned all the basics of EVE PVP in T1 frigates. After graduating from OUCH I introduced the game to a real life friend who also decided to become a pirate. We set off on our own into my first real home station in EVE of Otou located in the Sinq Laison region and a close neighbour to a major trading hub system, Hek.

This is where our lives as pirates really kicked off, we were still very low on skill points and I had only just had enough to fit T2 auto cannons. Getting more and more proficient with the D-Scan and working together to narrow down prey. We got a lot of traffic coming out of Hek and Otou is a small system with only 1 station so it was easy to track down prey. Occasionally we would head out to null sec but there were much larger fish out there and it most of the time it was better to leave that area of space alone. It was a hard life as a pirate, we would amass a small amount of loot from our prey which was only just enough to keep us going day to day. Then one day we blew up a few too many Rifters and my partner in crime decided to call it quits.

I floated about on my own for a little while, not really sure what to do with myself. Of course being a local pirate in the area I did get to know some of the other locals but they were mostly busy running their own businesses. It was at this point I decided to give up my life as scavenging pirate and I went out in search for a more peaceful lifestyle. So I hit the belts and beat on rats for weeks to grind my sec status back up. It was funny to be on the other side of the coin this time, occasionally I'd see one of other local pirates try to catch me in a belt. When I saw them on d-scan I'd warp to a safe perch and wait till they got bored then continue ratting again. After grinding up my sec status I joined a Black Thorne Corp (BTC), who operate out in the Syndicate region and base themselves in lovely little high sec island with the main offices located in Maire.

I participated in the PI scheme and joined the odd mining op every now and then. BTC's main business is in the production of capital ships most of the corp participated in their production by making use of the various buy back programs. I mostly helped on the PI side of things it was a much slower paced lifestyle in eve and a lot less stressful on the financial side of things. Then one day the "Horse Killers" arrived in Syndicate and declared war on BTC. Mining operations stopped happening and taking my Mammoth out to pick up PI goods was a lot more risky than it was before. Our pocos were constantly being attacked but we were able to fight the Horse Killers back with swarms of T1 frigates. Eventually the war ended, medals were handed out and things settled down again. At this point, my real life got a little more busy and stopped playing EVE for about a year.

I came back to the game about 2 weeks ago and I tried to get back into BTC but I found that the old corp mates that I used to play with during my AU TZ had all moved on and things had gotten pretty quite within the corp for my play time. So that brings me to today, I decided to start a new chapter in my EVE life. I didn't want to be stuck in a single region of New Eden, I wanted to see the sites and get to know the galaxy a little more. I had always heard of the huge alliances that BTC was selling capital ships to way out in null sec and I would read on eve news 24 about wars out in whoop whoop but from my small sheltered homes of Otou and Maire I had never really seen anything. So I used what cash I had left to pay for my licensing fees fitted up a Cheetah, packed it with probes and off I went.

My plan was to not really have a plan but to follow in the footsteps of the great EVE traveler, Mark726. I would head out to really see New Eden, I had never even gone out to see the EVE Gate (I still haven't actually) but it's something I've always wanted to do. I was also going to use some of my exploration skills to see if I could find any hidden relics on my way to each land mark and hopefully make a few isk along the way. I also joined up with the Signal Cartel a peaceful exploration and scouting organisation who are based in Thera. The Signal Cartel are a true haven for all explorers in EVE, the home base in Thera is connected to all of New Eden through a large and ever changing network of worm holes and the cartel's exploration loot buy back program makes the conversion of loot to ISK simple and easy without the need to expose ourselves to dangers of Jita while at the same time supporting the cartel.

So that's the story so far! more to come of my endeavours in New Eden!

Fly safe,


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